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Betsy Williams

Betsy Williams

Betsy earned a liberal arts degree at St. John’s College, the "Great Books" school in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and then went on to become a money market trader at a Japanese bank in Manhattan. She ultimately left that job for a ceramics apprenticeship in Karatsu, Japan, under Mr. Yutaka Ohashi (1994 –1999), and since then has grown to have a extensive body of functional work. Betsy Williams, along with her husband, own Rift Gallery in Rinconada, New Mexico.


Individual pieces, modest in scale and meant for daily use, are at the heart of my work - with a concentration on unobtrusively conveying a sense of liveliness (as in the experience of being alive). To my mind, the best pots elicit a concurrence of calm and dynamism, understatement and warmth, tradition and originality. The majority of my pieces are woodfired in a kiln I designed and built in 2001."

There is currently no work in the gallery by this artist. Please check back soon for new work.

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