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Daniel Bollinger

Daniel Bollinger

Work available for purchase in the Museum Shop at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA.

Rooted in the folk pottery tradition of Northeast Georgia, Daniel walks in the footsteps of the old southern potters. He has dedicated his career to the study and practice of this regional folk pottery tradition, blending historical methods, such as digging his own clay, firing with wood, utilizing a manual treadle wheel, and mixing his own ash-based glazes using glaze recipes gathered from folk pottery mentors and historical records,  with modern tools adopted by southern potters such as the electric wheel and gas kilns. Daniel is quick to point out that these traditions are vanishing fast and without folks to learn, practice, share, and record the traditional ways of southern pottery it will cease to exist. He is proud of this heritage in clay.

There is currently no work in the gallery by this artist. Please check back soon for new work.

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