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Erica Iman

Erica Iman

Erica makes hand-built, one-of-a-kind vessels that are often reflective of forms or fragments found in nature. She finds comfort, truth, and inspiration in nature; the dirt of the earth is her medium, the mountains are her muse. Living in Japan, Mongolia, and on the Oregon coast, she was, “consumed by the emotion and the strength of nature,” visible in the mountain’s rock formations and the unrelenting weather. “The continuum of change in nature is more comforting to me over anything human constructed,” she professes. “I think that’s where a lot of the exploration comes from.” 

In her work, Erica explores raw materials and their natural reactions to erosion, freeze/thaw, and fire. “Process is one of the most important things for me…I want to be able to see the scratch and the rip lines, and really see the action that it took to make the work in the piece."

  • $1,800
    Erica Iman


    This piece has an amazing craggy surface texture. The edge is elegantly thin and the two ends of the base are slightly raised. This piece is made o...

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