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Gift Guide | $500 & Under

Gift Guide | $500 & Under

  • $500
    Ron Meyers

    Platter With Goat

    Characterized by his gestural imagery, often of animals, Ron Meyers is an accomplished artist with 30+ years of experience in clay. This piece mea...

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  • $940
    Maria Dondero

    Oval Coil Jar

    Maria Dondero is an Athens based potter creating funtional pieces which dipict images from her natural Georgia surroundings. This piece measures 19...

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  • $390
    Wesley Anderegg

    Blue Cat

    Creating clay sculptures is a way for Wesley Anderegg to connect with primitive mankind of the past. This piece measures 4.75 x 4 x 5.75” and is ma...

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  • Sold
    George Peterson

    Oak Bowl

    This big beautiful bowl will make a amazing accent to a table, counter, or coffee table. It has a black oxide stain, resulting in a rich dark brown...

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