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Marc Granberry

Marc Granberry

Marc Granberry was raised in Houston, Texas. He began working with wood at a young age sawing and nailing scraps of wood cutoffs together in his dads workshop.  He continue his wood and turning work  during college where he was a Teaching Assistant in the Wood shop at Texas A&M. There he received his BED and MS degrees in Architecture and Land Development. After a long break, he returned to woodworking in 1999 and hasn't looked back. 

"My intent as an artist is to create objects utilizing wood as the medium and turning as the process by which my artwork comes to life. I use my forms as a “canvas” to bring out the inherent natural beauty in the wood that I turn. I rely on my skill in the craft of woodturning as the vehicle that transforms wood into art. Form, shape, color and texture are elements I use to bring out the beauty in the medium I have chosen, wood. There is a natural beauty to wood. I strive to enhance that beauty through my work. "

  • $450
    Marc Granberry


    Delicately balanced, this wooden sculpture is finely crafted and features a beautiful two-toned wood. This piece measures 11.75 x 6” and is made of...

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  • Sold
    Marc Granberry


    This piece measures 7 x 8.5" and is made of poplar wood. Please reference 21MGR02 if calling the gallery to inquire.

  • $600
    Marc Granberry

    Spalted Elm

    This piece measures 7.5 x 7 x 6.5" and is made of spalted elm. Please reference 21MGR05 if calling the gallery to inquire.

  • $250
    Marc Granberry


    This piece measures 4 x 5 x 4.5" and is made of mulberry. Please reference 21MGR07 if calling the gallery to inquire.