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Peter Pittman

Peter Pittman

Peter Pittman is well accomplished architect and artist. He received his Master of Architecture from Georgia Tech. He has taught at several universities including, Georgia Tech, Auburn University, Atlanta College of Art, Penland, and Kennesaw State University. He has also been apart of numerous shows displaying his sculptural art work. 

"Once consisting of significant objets d'art, wood | paper | fabric | metal | glass| stone | etc. – the silent palette sat dormant ...waiting to become. The inventory was then sorted, [re]fashioned, [re]assembled, and [re]signifiedto be resurrected into a compositional layering of eclectic[enigmatic] monochromatic artifacts. Previously, the work retained a conscious _ [ness] – an almost sentient existence in a state of rawness | natural or finished in | white | grey | or another selected color..., this body of work, speaks only of black _ less[ness]...a sense of universal serenity, evoking mystery and immanence... Always on the verge of fragility and precariously un[bound] _ [ness], the work speaks to a [re]defined way of seeing - drawing substance from the complex[simplest] of things, the [un]ordinary stuff of life, and referencing both a shared and personal journey _ [his]...story _ exploring and reflecting upon one's own existence, and the fundamental experiences in response to a dichotomy between the me | my[self], and one's own contamination in the world."

  • $13,000
    Pete Pittman

    ˈdärk . presence

    This multi-media sculpture measures 31.5 x 89.5 x 8.5" and is composed of wood and paint. Please reference 23PP09 if calling the gallery to inquire.