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Philip Moulthrop

Philip Moulthrop

Philip began turning wood in 1979 after learning the technique from his father, Ed Moulthrop. He Begins with green sections of native southeastern trees and a chain saw. The green log is first roughed into the initial shape, using a hand-made lathe and hand-forged tools. The piece is then treated for several months to prevent cracking, next, the wood must dry for more than a month. It is then re-turned on the lathe where it is refined to its final form. The bowl under goes numerous sandings and is coated with several coats of finish. The entire process may take from four months to more than a year. 

Watch this studio tour to learn more about the artistic process behind these iconic wood turned bowls. 

  • $2,900
    Philip Moulthrop

    Spalted Red Maple

    This turned piece of wood is made of wood found in the south east United States. It has been transformed through careful craftsmanship and brings t...

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