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Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell is a fifth generation steel worker living and working in Penland, North Carolina. He grew up in Decatur, Georgia.  Following graduation from Hendrix College in 2008, he worked as an industrial steel fabricator for seven years at Bemberg Iron Works, his family’s 134 year old steel business located in Little Rock, Arkansas. This work inspired his passion for metal work.

"My artistic practice evolved from the depths of the industrial world following a seven-year stint as a steelworker for my family’s 134 year-old steel fabrication business. I aim to honor this familial tradition in my work, drawing on the technical skills, the industrial aesthetic, and the processes that have driven functional steel fabrication for decades." 

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    Thomas Campbell


    Thomas Campbell is a fifth generation steel worker who makes geometric steel sculptures. This piece measures 29 x 7 x 4.75” and it made from blacke...

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