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Wonderland: Part 1

Wonderland: Part 1

"Wonderland is a sanctuary that celebrates both the familiar and fantastical in our world. It does not occupy actual geographical space, nor is it a place that exists only in a child’s imagination. Rather, it is through the locomotion of perception that one arrives in Wonderland. Stay for a moment or for a lifetime but each visit is as unique as the wanderer and the longing they bring with them.” - Kirsten Stingle & Christine Kosiba

Wonderland: Part One is a taste of smaller works from each artist and collaborative pieces. Christine and Kirsten have often enjoyed working together and teaching together. Both are ceramic sculptors who often incorporate mixed media in their work. They are both exploring connections to the isolation of self by confronting the human desire/need to reconnect to the earth, as well as each other, for our singular emotional and physical well-being and for the world to come. Look for Wonderland: Part Two in March of 2021.

There is currently no work in the gallery by this artist. Please check back soon for new work.

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