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Stories Are Forgotten Dreams

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Our lives are comprised of stories we tell ourselves and pass to one another.  They are not static or finite but change and develop throughout our lives.  In essence, stories are fragments of our life’s journey that are linked to a myriad of other stories and other life journeys. Reflecting my theater background, this piece is a story within a story and reflect the retelling of past narratives and informing new ones. The television represents the transmission of stories and our connection to one another through our shared understanding.

She sits on a midcentury modern television that forms the theater. The theater harnesses the suspension of disbelief, using paper waves and fabric sea to convey the turbulent waters.  We are meant to understand this story is staged, but nevertheless sincere. The skirt is hand sewn, embellished with flowers that are hand cut, formed, and sewn.  Inside the skirt/stage curtains is a hand embroidered messages: “Stories are Forgotten Dreams,” in French.  Both figures are embellished with glass balls symbolizing the magical and temporary nature of our dreams.  The fan, covered in waxed and painted wallpaper and trim, hides an antique gem photo album.  This album is converted to a pocket that hides the remote control to the theater lighting, disguising the manipulation of storytelling devices. 

Hand built porcelain with ceramic finishes. Mixed media includes hand sewn skirt and overskirt, hand embroidery, vintage television painted, hand painted and cut paper stage forms, flowers that are hand cut, heat formed, and hand sewn, hand painted and waxed fan with trim, eco-dyed velvet sea foam, glass balls. 

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