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Fish Eaters No.1

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Artist's Statement:

"I made these as a way to pay homage to a bird I love to see when I am at the Georgia and South Carolina coast. I didn’t grow up seeing Pelicans so when I first saw them in the low country years ago I was imediately intrigued and began to draw and photgraph them, which led to these carvings. “Fish Eaters” celebrates the comeback of the Brown Pelican. Pelicans numbers began plumeting in the early 20th century when fisherman slaughtered pelicans believing they were decimating their fisheries. The introduction and use of DDT in the 40’s, added to this decline. But thanks to the introduction of the Endangered Species Act as well as banning of use of DDT in the 70’s their population has recovered."


This piece is made of wood, corns, and steel and measures 17 x 34 x 12". Please reference 21CC02 if calling the gallery to inquire.

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